The 2011 Team After Smashing a Sub 7

Pure Savage almost never happened… for as it was a few of
the founding members were signed up for another team way back when in 2010.
However through sheer dumb luck and perseverance Adie managed to get a rag tag
team together of guys who came from all walks of life, a dead old racing
mechanic, a Canadian, a professor and a few kids. Only one had ever ridden the
DC before (and he had time trialled it on his ace to boot). 
To begin with we had some teething problems, unsure of our
identity to be precise. However that all changed after our first long ride to
Stellies when our team captain called us to a halt and laid in to us,
admonishing certain riders for their poor road etiquette (crashing into one
another, to be precise this happened more than once), littering and above all
else their inherent slowness and lack of “Pure Savageness” and with the final
point was born the philosophy that was to make this team what it is today.
We rid ourselves of a couple of members who were looking
more for a group who would hold their hand while they drank coffee and replaced
them with some hardcore guys, ready to drop and be dropped when needed. Along with them went any intention of ever finishing with a full team of 12!
Our rides were messy, never with too much planning however
even in these early stages we instilled a ruthlessness that has become our trademark,
leaving members needing to call their spouses and parents to collect them mid
ride because they had cracked.
We made the PPA One Tonner our first team ride, hammering out
the blocks, before two punctures and general unfitness unhinging us, none too
familiar with what 160km of riding meant, we even had a member crash 100m from the finish
as the team made a final sprint (against ourselves)!
We managed to log plenty of kms and at the same time have fun in
the pain that long peninsula rides brought with it. 
Team Pure Savage original kit and sponsor!

Our DC was one to remember. We got a rough night’s sleep the
night before, staying in a hostel ,  but
come race day we hit it hard, possibly too hard! Back then there was no
compulsory stop so we hammered it, even seeing Froomey on the way, stopping
only for a quick snack.
We started shedding riders at 160km (we had gotten rid of
Danian earlier but in true “Ullrich” fashion he has dragged his diesel engine
back to us by this stage). True to form we shed our captain, Adie (who the following
year would make a comeback of epic proportions) along with enough riders to
leave us with the minimum 6 to cross the line. It was here that we go to see
the true mark of a Savage rider, Pottie burying himself for the team to be the
6th man across the line (Lance doesn’t know what a dead Elvis grin
is until he sees this guy!). 
Boys ready for the next year!

We made it home, 6 crossing the line in 6:44, with the rest
following around the 7 hour mark. A bunch of riders who would never have
thought of doing this 6 months earlier had completed it, ready to improve the
following year.