Race Report of Tiletoria West Coast Express
Savage hammering on the front
 The Tiletoria West Coast Express was the first PPA event that Team Pure Savage had a decent amount of representation. The West Coast Express which is hosted by the awesome guys from The Outriders club is usually the first fun ride that Captonians do after entering for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. This year even some of the veterans of the race were left guessing what the new 118km route would entail as it now started from a new venue and would head out to Darling.
The troops assembled in a dark, grassy field which could have been in Laangebaan after all the driving we did that morning. The efficiencies that morning were nothing short of a miracle, everyone arrived on time, all PPA numbers were present, no one was missing a timing chip, the event stickers were collected effortlessly, everyone had their trusty garmin’s and we were one of the first people in the start chute! Well done to the team on such a slick operation, the strict morning ride departure times must be paying off!
Ready to Rock and Roll
The boys lined up in the E group and dropped the hammer from the word go. This over enthusiasm cost us our first rider in the first 500m as his water bottle bounced out and hit his front wheel and sticking his brakes on. After some big pulls upfront the team had caught the D group and had settled into a decent paceline on the front. This lasted until around 25km when “Canonball” Klyde’s rear tyre punctured which put him out. Adie did not fare much better and a few KM later became a Team Pure Savage billboard on the side of the road with a buckled wheel.
By the time we had passed Darling we had caught C and the remainder of the B group’s. The boys eased off the front and let the peleton that had formed behind them take over some of the work load. The guys from Craft, Masserati, Onyx, MTN, Crown and Panda Cycling took turns in the paceline, there were some others but at that stage I was seeing stars so could not pick out who was what.
Coming into Atlantis
The hairiest part of the race was coming down the tree line road, there were a number of rather large portions of the road missing. Luckily we had sent Delano on a course recon so we knew where most of the holes in the road would appear. The bike marshal got a little close at one point, trying to point out the potholes and by mistake blinded some of the potholes from the riders. 
Once the race turned right onto the Melkbostrand road the racing heated up with riders we had not seen for the last 105km entering the paceline, making breaks and complaining that the paceline was not chasing down breaks. The team managed to stick with the breaks and maintain a good road position before the West Coast Road. The high speed turn onto the West Coast road brought out some intersting road positioning and allowed 4 riders to open up a small gap, Savage closed the gap to the breakaway and then pushed on again to catch the remainder of the A bunch just before the turn into Duynefontien. Szymon led the lead out leaving everything on the road before Delano took over and launched into the final corner and guided Brendon to 200m to go where he kicked and only just lost out in the sprint to Robby from Cycle Teknix. 
The final result saw Brendon, Delano, Szymon and Elbert in the top 10 of the E group, 4 minutes behind the winners of this years race. Klyde, Nardus and Adie put some big turns on the front in the opening 60km for Savage. Results can be found here on Racetec. To have a look at the team’s Strava click here.
No doubt that race was an extreme sufferfest
The team had a post race debrief around the cooler box where we found out when we dropped most of our riders. Was great meeting so many of the riders from thehubsa.co.za and other supporters. We would like to thank our sponsors Mitchum South Africa and Goodhope Oncology for all the support! The team is really excited by the results from months of hard training in the pain cave. The team is excited for the PPA One Tonner next weekend and hope to build on the this weeks performance.
Debrief after the race and contract negotiations
After the PPA One Tonner please come tell us about your savage day out, we will be at the Team Pure Savage Gazebo. 
For those of you too lazy to read the Team Directors Race report above you can watch Road captain Szymon’s race report below.