Massive day on the bike by Calvin (Pure Savage) and Hammy (Pvt) ended in triumph

Team before the start

After all the hype online and a very eager Mitchum Pure Savage team to get going on the Sunday morning the team set off for their first lap up the Franschoek pass at 4:30. The first lap was the first time climbing Franschoek pass for many of the team as all our Coronation Double Century training rides come down the steep side of the pass. Most of the conversation during the first lap was discussing that our new found friend, Hammy had a single MTB chainring on his road bike and the Calvin was wearing what looked like jeggings.

A mere 4 hours later Calvin had lost his jeggings and Hammy was loving life with his 32 tooth chain ring on the front. We had already picked up a puncture  and had gotten into a rythem of stopping after every second accent.

Boys at the start of the second accent

By the time the sun was properly up legs were hurting and the gaps between riders had opened up, the jokes had dried up and Brendon had robbed Klyde for his 11-32 cassette. It was great to meet guys from, the WP racing scene, Outriders and the Wannabees cycling club and do some laps with them.

At around midday things got serious, people looked deep into their souls and some made peace that they may not complete the challenge.  On the decent of the 9th lap cruising at 75km/h Brendon’s front wheel decided it no longer enjoyed having all the spokes attached and snapped two spokes. This came as an answer to a prayer and he called it a day. Delano and Klyde managed one more lap up the pass and also called a spade a spade and gave up and had a massive picnic. Nardus soldiered on for a lap after that keeping the boys company!

A report from Calvin below for the remainder of the attempt which he completed.

Everesting is good fun for the first
2000m.  Its physically tough for the second 2000m.  After that it
becomes mentally tough.  At one point I remember thinking (after having
started in the dark and having been riding all day) the sun is about to go down
and I still have five hours of cycling left.

Brendon and Delano discussing lessons learnt for next attempt

At the start we agreed we would stop
every second lap for five minutes and every fourth lap for ten minutes. 
That worked well until about half way.  I started taking a small break
between every lap.  From lap 15 I was taking 15 minute breaks between
every lap mostly doing nothing except lying down.
It’s a lot more fun having friends who
are doing it with you but it’s absolutely essential to have someone seconding
you.  I could not have faced the idea of walking to the shops after 8000m
of climbing – luckily Nicole (Ham’s wife) was on hand to cater to our every
need.  I would not have completed the attempt without Nicole’s help.
If you going to attempt an Everesting I
would suggest the following:

  • Someone
    to second you in the last quarter at least
  • Somewhere
    to lie down
  • Bucket
    loads of water – I took 11L with and if it wasn’t for a fresh water source at
    the top of the mountain I would have run out of water
  • Many
    different foods and drinks – sometimes I wanted something sweet, sometimes
    something salty
  •  A base
    drink specifically designed for endurance events – I used Perpetuem
  • Lots of
    friends a family around
  • A compact
    crank and possibly even a 32 – tooth cassette depending on how steep your
    chosen hill is

Link to Calvins Everest record: 

Watch this space for some more everest attempts.