Last Saturday marked the last weekend of
winter (so we hope), and as if to wish us farewell for another year our ride
began with some light drizzle. We rolled out from the clubhouse with a few of
the guys who weren’t still in hibernation (or recovering from last week’s fall)
and headed off toward Blueberg (roughly translated to Blouberg) hoping to meet
up with the Outriders for their Saturday route; however just after picking up
Dolley and his Trolley (one of our new recruits for this year’s DC) we got the
first of our three punctures in the space of a couple of kms.
After much banter as we watched
Lee go through all our tubes we headed off on our way to Malan’s via Blouberg
and Conterman’s Kloof. Malan’s marked our first little duel as we tried to wake
the legs up. It may be a small climb but today it hurt!
Not much drama followed beside
Klyde dropping his derailleur, but in true Savage fashion Dolley and Lee
continued the pace unabated toward Melkbos.
Our trip home was met with a
nasty South Easter yet we kept the pace up before getting back to town (always
dodging those nasty concrete pillars on the bicycle path). Not happy with the
distance Delano, Lee and El’boet continued to Suikerbossie in the wind, with Thursday’s
meeting in the back of their mind (the promise of Savage cutting riders if not
up to standard by One Tonner) as we kept the pace up.

The ride was overall a tough one,
with tired legs as a few of the guys wrapped up their 6 week program they had
been doing. Next week will hopefully bring the rest of the boys out as we head
to Paarl to tackle Du Toits and Bainskloof!