Ready to roll from Shell in Savage fashion!

With winter coming to an end the time is ripe to start upping the training
demands – a good way to start is with a bang. And this is precisely what we
did. A 335 km two day training ride from Cape Town to Velddrif and back. All
with the Coronation Double Century in mind.

The way out was filled with highlights:

· A buck out sprinted us in a straight line race, with the finish line decided
by the point at which the buck decided to cross the road and nearly take Lee
· Road closures where the work was nearing completion with super smooth tar
– first class treatment.

· A strong tailwind for a 80km section giving us a 40km/h + average speed
· Massive two meter wide gaping holes in the road in sections still under

· A cheeseburger made especially for the more hungry amongst us, with the
tannies giving Nardus special VIP treatment

After 185 km of riding we reached a fantastic house which we had rented for
the weekend – showers, clean towels, Mitchum and beers were welcome sites at
our house. A combination of the Vuelta live on TV, card games, and a hearty
braai kept us entertained that night. Knowing what was to come the next day
however, everyone turned in quite early.

Slogging home into the wind:

At precisely 06:41 the next morning we loaded our bags and headed out of
town. Surprisingly, the wind had calmed down over night and we made pretty good
time save for two punctures. A quick pit stop at random shop for some koeksisters and chocolate brownies, along R27 and we
were heading home.

As we started coming into civilization the wind picked up
and to do our team name justice we had to pick up the tempo to the point that
we cracked one by one. After we had recovered Nardus said his goodbyes and pulled over into Melkbos and the rest of us
four headed towards the CBD.

Calvin after greeting bollard

Around lagoon beach however Calvin decided we hadn’t
had enough excitement for one weekend so he rode wheel first into a concrete
bollard cracking his frame and smoothing out the tar with his face. After waiting
for support to arrive the rest of the team went on home and he went to Milnerton
Mediclinic for a quick check up – no serious injuries though.

Thanks must go to:

· Michelle Stevens for transporting everyone’s bags to and from Cape Town.
· The Kotze family for taking me to Milnerton Mediclinic.
· Brendon for organizing all the admin.

This wouldn’t have been possible without their help.

All in all a truly savage weekend. Here’s to the next cycling weekend away
in preparation for the DC!!!