While scavenging gumtree for some deep section carbon wheels a few weeks back, we came accross a Qhubeka bike for sale. Not knowing at the time that somebody could buy a bike for their personal use we questioned the sale. After being enlightened to the awesomeness that is the Qhubeka charity we were challenged by some followers to buy the bike and donate it. As with every challenge, we were up for it!

After shaking down some of our team mates for some coins, we sent Jon out to collect the bike for us as it was in the deep South near Jon. At this point we needed to find a person that would really benefit from the bike and not just giving for the sake of giving. We had ridden the first stage of the Unogwaja challenge with Kirsten Wilkins, a cycling activist in Cape Town, and heard about her exploits. After a fair bit of Instagram and twitter stalking we decided she would be the best bet at finding someone in need of some wheels.

On the 21st of July we arrived at 75 Harrington street a little early and told Kirsten we would wait for her. We were greeted by the friendly Barista, Moses. We ordered a cappuccino and he gave Kittel a baby chino on the house. Kittel was over the moon, high fives and lots of thank you’s!

When Kirsten arrived she told me she had not told the person she had organised him a bike yet. It turned out that the person we were donating the bike to would be the amazing Moses who had greeted us earlier! Moses lives just past Salt River so the bike commute would be perfect and allow him not to have to rely on public transport! We took our photos for Instagram and then wished him many happy miles on his bike and that we would pop in for coffee soon.

Kirsten was amazing at organising the hand over and will help Moses find the best route from his house to work on the bike and help over come all the challenges that may arise when it comes to bike commuting! Thank you Kirsten for making it possible to get more people onto bikes and making sure the donated wheels keep turning!

Big thanks to Brendon, Kevin and Calvin for assisting with time and coins!