Nothing beats new bike day, this is why we are so excited we can make it happen again! Thanks to the amazing Pure Savage Ladies Coronation Double century team and the donations from our morning ride group we were able to organize another bike to give away. We like to make sure the bikes will go to great homes so reached out to our twitter followers if anybody knew of someone that would benefit from a bike. We do this so we know that the person getting the bike has someone in their community that can assist with the bike in future with any puncture or service related issues.

Shane got in touch and told us about Kayzer that he has been working with for the past 6 years. Recently Kayzer’s bike was stolen which makes getting to jobs either longer or more expensive. Thank you to Shane for setting up time with Kayzer and us so we could hand the bike over to him, its much appreciated!

The bike is a Maroon Giant Rincon which is a great bike for commuting as it has plenty of gears and a sturdy frame. This one has done 8 Argus’s we were told and came with a Cateye computer and bar ends, so you know they meant business. It has some hard wearing tyres in great condition and it has a full 21 speed compared to the measly 12 you get on mountain bikes these days!l

To make sure he is seen while he is riding we gave him front and rear Lyzne rechargeable lights which were donated from the captain of the mixed Pure Savage team. Thanks to Michelle for making the trip out to meet Kayzer and we wish him many happy kilometres on his bike in the future! Thanks to the amazing cycling community of Cape Town for helping getting Kayzer back on a bike!