Brendon 'Brenda' Stevens

Team captain and veteran of Pure Savage, Brendon enjoys shouting from the pace line, posing for QOM pictures and coming up with most of our nicknames.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 13.51.46

Calvin 'Cool Shades' Moore

Mr Cool Shades is built like a truck and possesses an uncanny ability to power up climbs while still being able to hold a fully audible conversation.

Aaron 'Bottle' Borrill

Bottle, the lightest member of the team, joined Savage last year just after our DC campaign and impressed with his long hours in the saddle, dedication to the sport and climbing ability


Carl 'tow-er' Toua

New acquisition Carl Toua is more of a mountain man than anything else and is famous for turning up the pace on every climb and single track descent in the Durbanville area.


Jon 'Junior' Leighton

Junior hails from the British Isles and naturally speaks with a funny accent. The stocky and powerfully built Brit has a serious turn of pace and enjoys dishing out pain on the climbs.


Will 'T-Rex' Robinson

T-Rex has been putting in loads of secret miles having recently top-tenned Price Drive near Constantia Neck on the Strava segment. A beast of a man who’s back wheel we always search for in the peloton!

Klyde 'Cannonball' Stevens

The Cannonball is known for two things: bringing down entire peletons owing to his crash tactics and popping after a lengthy spell on the front of our pace line. If one of these attributes is to come to fruition we hope it’s the latter…


Kevin 'The Bus' Dolley

Kevin or the Dolley Lama as we like to call him is a genuine bus on the flats – his burly frame allowing the team to draft him… if they’re able to keep up. A lover of puns he brings much laughter on team rides.


Marcus 'Watt Bazooka' Marinus

Marcus made his mark at Jock where he punished the peleton hour after hour by launching watt bazooka after watt bazooka. He spends most of his time training up at altitude racing should be a breeze for the man from Krugerdorp.

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Nardus 'Noddy' Matthysen

A legend of Pure Savage, we only see Nardus come Argus, 99er or DC time – the powerhouse spends most of his time running, working or thinking about the two.

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Waldo 'The Colossus' Zevenster

The colossus is one of the biggest men we’ve ever seen ride a bike. Coming from a MTB background Waldo knows how to suffer. His roll will be to keep the pace up on the flats until he pops, which is unlikely.

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Jarred 'Coach' Salzwedel

The coach is another new recruit who hails from the Windy City. Rumour has it the tall lanky lad can unload enough watts to power Koeberg Nuclear plant and, can put in a sprint and climb attack at regular intervals.