Travis managed to convince Brendon with the promise of chocolate raisins and Azer a lift to the start to join him in “E” and hammer across to the “D” batch.

After watching the rather large bunches steam out of Fairview the three Savages with high hopes waited for their 6:21 start. A 3 minute gap should be closed in around 30km, they thought.

As they were let off the hammer was dropped leaving the rest of the group on the first roller. They quickly got a small paceline working and set off for “D”. That’s it, for 2 hours and 40 minutes. They never caught the “D” bunch due to the near perfect conditions and just performed a 98km 2,5 person team time trial.

The only highlight was Travis begging Brendon and Azer to take mercy on his cramping legs, which was met with a arm flick to send him to the front. At least we were not near anyone else for 98km so could not get caught in any crashes.

It was tough, probably good training and the beer at Fairview was Lekker. Well done to the other Savages that will probably have a longer race report than just 4 sentences. See everyone at the 99er and let’s hope Travis’s seeding has improved.