New design, same amount of suffering

Boys in the new kit

Kit presentation

What better way to get new skin tight fitting kit than having a lekka braai. This was the first time many of the guys had met our international import, Donovan Le Cok. (All the way from West Lake) Apparently he is a little more skilled than some of us on a mountain bike and made Wine 2 Whales seem pretty chilled coming in the top 50.

Once everyone had taken their turn in explaining to Donovan in great detail how they had either been dropped in the past or had blinded themselves dropping others it was time for the kit presentation. As we changed kit manufacturers to Panda Sports this year we were not really sure what size kit to order. As most of the team had issues with the shirts from the previous year sagging or just being too big, everyone ordered a slightly smaller size. The most popular shirt size ordered was small. This left Delano with the only option of going extra small.

Great evening for team braai

Along with the full kit including arm warmers and booties the team all got an impressive selection of Mitchum product. Thanks to Mitchum for the product now our boys wont be the loud and smelly crowd at the start gates at the DC, we will just be the loud one. Delano got a little too excited and by mistake tried to fit on his mothers Savage supporters top which is a ladies cut small and almost panicked as he could not get his massive guns into the shirt. We  would also like to thank our other sponsor, Good Hope Oncology for enabling us to ride and take part in the Coronation Double Century.

Once the kit had been handed out and every variation of Mitchum tested the topic turned to the Double Century this year and everyone’s views on it. But not before a long story from Simon about all the women who had told him he smells nice since he started using Mitchum. No wonder he looked like a kid on Christmas morning when he opened up his kit bag full of Mitchum products.

The only thing that was chatted about for the week after getting the kit was what socks the team should rock with it. Thanks to the guys at Freewheel Cycology for hooking us up in the end with some awesome black Specialized socks. It was surprisingly difficult to find 12 pairs of socks that would go with our kit that were not all in clown shoe size.

The final week of preparation has been going well for the team and the rest of the final week before the DC will be spent intensely staring at the prior year strava files analysing the speed we climbed every pass and the speed up the last three climbs. If you also want to stare at last years route for hours, here is the link.

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Please feel free to contact the team if you would be interested in purchasing a Team Pure Savage supporters kit. The supporters jerseys and bibs are available in male and female cut.