Savage to take on Everest!

After a rather disappointing Cape Town Cycle Tour this year which got cut short due to some fires around the route the team never really got to properly finish off the year with a bang. The team gave the WP road champs a bash and Donovan did well in the crazy heat! In our short time in the WP champs we managed to get a warning and run over one of our supporters!

After a few rather mundane morning rides and the Coronation Double Century months away the team needed a challenge. Taking inspiration from the boetjies at the UCT cycling club we decided that an Everest attempt was in order! We also thought it would be a good way to test Mitchum‘s performance over 16 hours!

So what is Everesting, pretty simple, climb the height of Everest (8849m) in a single ride on a single climb. All the rules and hall of fame can be found here.

The biggest question was what climb to do the Everest attempt on, seeing as Signal Hill and Suikerbosie have already been conquered we are looking to go out to the Boland! We settled on Franschhoek pass from the town side.

Profile of the climb

To complete the challenge the team will need to conquer the 7.2km pass 18 times.

The team members that are going to try smash Everest are, Calvin, Delano, Brendon, Donovan, Klyde and Nardus. The team will start the adventure at 4:30 on the 19 April.

We want to make it a vibe, so we have put up a spreadsheet with our projected lap times on Sunday. Please swing by and do a lap or two with the boys! If you would like to dish out some real suffering and drop some Savage’s, I would suggest arriving around 4 in the afternoon.  Click here and see when you want to come through. You can come do a lap or just shout at the boys!

Lets get er done!

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