Suns out guns out!

The past weekend saw the Savage boys mix things up a bit and start at Paarl Mall. Its amazing the places we get to go to these days without Szymon demanding a Shell start:) After some apparent double dipping in someone’s Assos chamois cream, the team were ready to roll.

Klyde seems to be deep in the cave already
We had half the team come through, with Calvin christening his new bike (remember the post a few weeks back where he decided to play chicken with a concrete pillar and lost) a race ready aero Silverback frame sourced through Cycle Teknix, ready to rock the One Tonner and DC. He even attempted to shave his legs for the occasion, let’s just say this didn’t work out too well, bloody and scratched and there weren’t even any pillars involved this time!
Heading out on the N1 road vibe

After a good laugh at Clavin’s expense we headed for Tu Toits Kloof, what a climb. The pace was consistent if not blistering with the aim to keep together. That was until Klyde got a slow puncture. But we are who we are and we went on without him, only at the top did his brother do the brotherly thing and go down and help him. Eventually Klyde rejoined, with a proud “It was the piece of metal I found in my tyre last night”, odd he didn’t take it out before a big ride.

The decent from the top of Du Toits is amazing and ended with Klyde having a sneak attack at the end, not to distance us but instead to scare off some baboons in the tunnel. A little stint along the N1 and we were into the winelands!

The team slammed through Rawsonville, the scenery is very similar to that of the Coronation Double Centruty from the turn around point in Robertson. Some great new roads and a possible tail wind led to the hammer being dropped up until the severe road works that make Chappies road works look like child’s play. Here we found our possible 12th member, we think he was a commuter but who could be sure as we struggled to shake him, he was definitely on the same amount of drugs as Lance.

Some severe road works

We popped into the shell on the N1 for a quick stop and refill of bottles, where once again Klyde found out that his rear tyre was going flat, so of course, we pressed on.

Calvin giving Klyde some pointers

As we pulled into the Slanghoek valley Klyde’s tube decided to properly give out, this prompted many tyre changing experts to hand out expert advice on the subject.

Once we had rolled through the Slanghoek valley and were about to start the climb, Delano faked a nature break, only for us to spot later that he had stopped to hunt for the KOM without anyone on his wheel. 

Bainskloof pass was amazing and hot, we ended up with shirts flaring and gunning it up the pass. Half way up Kevin had a rear tyre puncture with Klyde having a left and right leg puncture (some days the luck just isn’t with you!). The team then flew down what now feels like a single track down Bainskloof Pass into Wellington.

Puncture stop selfie!

In order to try and improve our DC time we are working on our legs from 150km -200km, therefore once down the pass the hammer was dropped again from Wellington to Paarl. Thanks to the traffic lights we are now ready to do some track stands at the DC!!

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