year’s One Tonner represented an interesting challenge: With the mileage upped
to 170km due to road works on the course each competitor needed to decide if
they were going to stop for water or not. Most of the team was split across
groups A and E. Those in A were expecting to work hard because, well, they up
against the pro’s while those in E were expecting to do a lot of work on the
front. This coupled with the fact that temperatures reached 30 ºC and a fair
amount of wind after Malmesbury meant that to get across the finish line with
only two bottles it was going to be tough.

Photo credit: Double ST

In the
end only Delano took up the challenge.  He also managed to do it. 
Here is an account from Delano:

Having made it over Hellshoogte with the A bunch, we chilled out towards Wellington where some of the stragglers made it back to the main bunch, this also happened to be the last time I saw Brendon. Shortly after Brendon’s departure, Donovan had a puncture which Brendon then stopped to assist with and pacing onto the B bunch. 
Photo credit: Double ST
The pace up Riebeck Kasteel was hectic and I went over with some guys just behind the main bunch, going down the other side we managed to make contact. I managed to hang on back into Stellenbosch getting rattled by the railway tracks just before the final few rollers. A great day out coming in 50th overall for the day.


Photo credit: Double ST

Those in
the E bunch were lead out over the first 50km largely by Klyde. But the Riebeek
Kasteel climb, a truly beautiful and cruel pass in the hot sun, took its toll
and only Lee, Travis and myself hung on in the front group of E. The miles flew
by and sometime after Malmesbury we got to the dreaded point where water
bottles were running dry. The three of us took a gamble and stopped to refill
in record time thanks to the brilliantly organised water table attendants. Lee
with a little help from Travis pulled us back on to the peloton quite quickly.
The wind picked up and several of my failed breakaway attempts later the final
hill reared its head – the unofficial signal that even solo breakaways stood a
reasonable chance and a few people did just that and were the first people to
cross the line.

It was a great day out for the team putting in some good miles for the Coronation Double Century next month. 

What a
day! So much fun. Next up the Durbie Dash!