We are sure that by now you have heard plenty from the Savages about their exploits rolling around near the front of races and chasing down KOM’s. However as we are very much an amateur bunch of lycra clad warriors, there is still the family and work life to balance. We thought before the Cape Town Cycle Tour it would be great to get the other halves thoughts on our cycling addiction. 

Photographer, support car driver and soigneur – All while pregnant!

We had a few of the Savages ask their better halves a few questions about their husbands cycling “hobby”. Here is how it went.

What annoys you the most about your hubbies cycling habits?

“How long is this article going to be? “

‘The hardest part would have to be my concern over his safety when cycling and having to hold the fort down at home when he is cycling which isn’t always easy with the kids!”

“Getting up at the crack of dawn (with a super load alarm so he doesn’t oversleep) and not staying in bed for some cuddles.”

“His new shipment of 11 pairs of socks, his 4th bike is in the process of being assembled (storage is becoming an issue) and his spandex (which has to be hand washed)”

“The ride does not end once he is home, their is a full analysis on the Strava after the ride and the Kudo’s to go with it!”

“All the cycle talk, being made to watch all the European races around the same little part of Belgium and having to listen to him butcher the Flemish names of the climbs – Tiaaanburg “

All the Savages with their Mrs at the Cycle tour!
How does your Savage negotiate weekend rides with you?
“He has to get out as early as possible on a Sat and Sun morning and try make it back before I have gotten ready to go out, so that we have at least still got the bulk of the weekend to spend together, even though he can barely speak because of all the hammering that has just taken place.”

“Sometimes he just pulls a ninja and tries arriving home before the kids are awake. Sometimes it works… Otherwise he tries to make sure that he is back in time for family plans that weekend.”

“He gets me involved, I am allowed to come along on the the recovery days and he buys the coffee.”

“He encourages me to enter the same races, hence I had to do the double century!”

What do you enjoy the most about your hubby cycling?

“He tells himself I like the razor sharp tan lines and silky legs.”

“I always have plenty of razors to shave with, although they do go blunt fast.” 

“He likes to think I enjoy his smooth legs and chiseled abs.”

“Deep down he thinks I like his chiseled legs”

“When he comes back from a ride all happy, after leaving early in the morning all grumpy!”

Any of these sound familiar? Let us know what and how your other half deals with your cycling addiction on Twitter and Facebook!